Summer Houses

At AC Carpentry, our specialist carpenters take on all summer house projects throughout the Devon areas. Over the years, we have gained broad experience in all aspects of woodwork, making us highly skilled at the designing and construction process of creating first-class summer houses that are not only in the best possible condition but also complement the garden with their quality aesthetics.

We believe summerhouses can be suitable for most household circumstances, as they are highly versatile, and can be designed to function in a number of different ways.

Commonly, summerhouses are used as quiet relaxation spaces that bring the homeowners closer to the greenery during the warmer weather. However, they can be designed to suit your personal requirements, such as creating a home office space, an entertainment area, a children's play area, and more.

To ensure your summer house is perfectly suited to you, we will begin the project by calling out to your property which will allow us to take exact measurements of the area your new summer house will be situated in the garden. Once these measurements are taken, we will then be able to design your summer house, based on your personal budget, wants, needs and overall specifications. During the design stage, we will work with you to select the windows and doors on your summer house, as well as the wood colour/stain to ensure the aesthetics meet your personal style perfectly.

We set our standards high at AC Carpentry, and will never ever settle until the results we have achieved are nothing less than the best. With this, you can be sure that attention to detail will always be prioritised throughout the entire summerhouse designing and construction processes, no matter what.

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation in the Devon area and we are extremely proud of the loyal client base we have gained. With this, we are confident that when undergoing your new summer house project with our team at AC Carpentry, you will be more than satisfied with the job we provide, from start to finish.

Give us at AC Carpentry a call today on 07715293319 where we can discuss your summer house desires further, offer you additional advice and information and arrange a date to begin planning your summer house project.

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