Student Accommodation Fittings

At AC Carpentry, our specialist carpenters provide an extensive range of first-class carpentry services for all student accommodation in Devon. Over the years, we have gained broad experience in all aspects of carpentry work, making us highly skilled at creating top-quality timber structures and features, as well as installing them in the specified areas with maximum safety and efficiency.

When it comes to student accommodation, we cover all bases, ensuring all aspects of the accommodation property are in top condition, making it easy for both the landlords and the student tenants.

We offer an expert student accommodation fitting service and we can provide a professional service across all student properties. As a commercial service, this means that we provide all of your carpentry needs for your entire student complex. From flats to houses we can design, install and repair any carpentry items in your properties. As a team of fully qualified and experienced carpenters, we can work on multiple projects simultaneously, working closely with you in order to create the best accommodation for your students.

Landlords are responsible for ensuring all fittings, features and aspects within the accommodation fully adhere to all regulations, making the property a safe, secure environment for the student tenants to live in. With this, we strongly emphasise the importance of seeking assistance from a professional team like ourselves at AC Carpentry to ensure all fittings have been installed correctly and are fully compliant with all guidelines and safety regs.

Some of our student accommodating fitting services include:

  • Kitchen fittings
  • Bathroom fittings
  • Furniture fittings
  • Carpentry work
  • Fabrics
  • And more.

Prior to the fitting process, we will call out to your accommodation property, allowing us to take exact measurements of the areas we will be working in. This will allow us to then work with you to create a unique plan and design of the fitting service we will provide, as well as allowing us to provide a precise quote for the work at hand.

We set our standards high at AC Carpentry, and will never ever settle until the results we have achieved are nothing less than the best. With this, you can be sure that attention to detail will always be prioritised throughout the entire fitting process, leaving you features that are not only in top condition but are also aesthetic.

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation in the Devon area and we are extremely proud of the loyal client base we have gained. With this, we are confident that when undergoing your student accommodation fitting service with our team at AC Carpentry, you will be more than satisfied with the job we provide, from start to finish.

Give us at AC Carpentry a call today on 07715293319 where we can discuss your student accommodation fitting requirements further, offer you additional advice and information and arrange a date to begin planning your fitting project.

How it all works

The process

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